Games Night

Are you looking for something to make your night that little bit different? Why not try one of our exciting game nights. At Paul Soul Entertainment we have a selection of exciting games available to suit a wide range of venues to create a memorable interactive night for your customers.

We offer a wide range of games to suit the individual needs of your client base and also can provide theme nights depending on the needs of your venue. Previous theme nights have included Christmas parties, Costume Nights, Fancy Dress parties and Bollywood parties.

We are happy to discuss the options for ensuring a memorable night for you customers. Contact us today!

Mr. & Mrs

How well do you know your partner? Mr. & Mrs. is a game, which tests the strength of your relationship, asking all those awkward questions from the past and finds out how well you really know your partner!

This fun game attracts the attention of all the customers in the venue and engages with the audience to see if the participating couples are madly in love or if there is trouble in paradise?!

The game can be played with anything from 2 to 6 couples and is a competition to see who knows their other half best! This is a popular game for all venues and is guaranteed to make great entertainment for everyone involved.

Bingo & Music Bingo

We have two bingo games for you to choose from, Music Bingo or the traditional game, so If you are looking for a fun filled night in your venue with a great atmosphere, BINGO is the game for you!

Bingo is guaranteed to attract people into your venue and promises to be a competitive, fun evening. Bingo appears popular with clients of all ages in each of the venues we play it in. Bingo is an easy to learn game and can be fun for novices to experts and promotes social interaction in your venue. All of our Bingo hosts have years of experience in Bingo, encouraging participation from all clients and create memorable nights for the clients.

Texas Hold'EM Poker Nights

Create your own Las Vegas theme night card game. Texas Hold’Em Poker Nights are extremely popular and can be held in all different venues. If you decide a poker night is right for your venue, we can provide all equipment, staff and advertising promotions including posters to make your night a guaranteed success.

Brain Teaser Quiz Night

Quiz Nights can be arranged in your venue where we have teams of four people answering a number of questions. These questions can range from general knowledge rounds, to seeing what your customers know about sports or celebrities and maybe also test their local history knowledge! All quizzes can be tailored to meet the needs of individual venues, client groups or theme nights depending on what is required. The team with the most correct answers wins the jackpot.

Quiz Nights are making a come back and are very popular in some of our venues at the moment.

Name That Song

Name That Song is where the DJ plays a few seconds of a song either forward or backwards and the first person with the correct answer wins a prize. This is another of our popular games as it encourages an interactive evening, whilst creating a lively atmosphere. This game can be played at numerous intervals throughout the night.

The Hula Hoop Challenge

The Hula Hoop Challenge is where we challenge customers in your venue to hula-hoop for 45 seconds to win a prize. This is the perfect opportunity to engage with customers and create a fun, energetic atmosphere. This game can be played at numerous intervals throughout the night and the challenge times can be adjusted to meet your customers requirements.

Play Your Cards Right

Play Your Cards Right is the 80’s card game where the contestant works their way across the board by saying whether the next card is going to be higher or lower than the previous one. The further you get the more you win! This is a popular choice for bars and pubs and creates a great interactive atmosphere with all of your customers.

Bongo Ball

Bongo Ball is a skilful game where we strap three miniature baskets and a swing ball around your waist. The aim of this game is to score as many points as you can in 1 minute by getting the ball in a basket without using your hands. Each basket is worth a different amount of points. The more points you score the more you win! This is increasingly becoming a firm favourite for local bars and pubs, who want to add a bit of energy and entertainment to their night!

Words Up

Words Up is a lyric game where the DJ calls out the first line of a well-known song and the first person to tell him the name of the song and the artist wins a prize. This is a popular game and encourages customers to interact and become involved with the entertainment, whilst creating a lively atmosphere. This game can be played at numerous intervals throughout the night.